TWM Local Multisport Challenge

10 Week Training Program and Event

A WE CAN Warriors Training Program

As we work our way back to training together, hanging out with training buddies and racing, join us for our Summer 2020 Training Program and Small Group Local Event!

Swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathletes and hikers!  Come join us this Summer as we train for our TWM Local Multisport Challenge – Choose one, two or all three events to train for and complete!

Training begins Sunday, July 12, 2020

Event Weekend is Friday-Sunday, September 18-20, 2020

Event Details

The TWM Local Multisport Challenge offers three events across one weekend and will be held locally here in Santa Barbara.  Participants can choose to compete in 1 event, 2 events or all 3 events.  Each event offers multiple distance options.  Event Medals to be awarded to every participant.  This is an informal, un-timed event meant for fun and healthy challenge.

Friday (Sept 18th) – Swim (distance options are 1K, 2K or 3K)

Saturday (Sept 19th) – Bike (distance options are 30 miles or 60 miles)

Sunday (Sept 20th) – Run (distance options are 6 miles or 12 miles) – Walkers are welcome.

This event is an organized small group event to provide goals for which to train and a small group atmosphere, both in training and event days.

Who Will Benefit from this Program?

  • Athletes (triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, runners and walkers) of every level looking for community in training and hanging out with like-minded friends
  • If you have specific performance goals, you’ll benefit too!  No one pushes you like the person hanging on your shoulder!
  • Is this your first event?  Perfect, this is the program for you!  We’ll get you prepared to go the distance and make sure you have fun!
  • Hey!  Even if you really don’t want to do the event but want to train to get in shape, join us!  It’s all good.
  • Have you found it hard to motivate yourself to get out the door and start!  We’ll get you motivated!  You’ll be looking forward to every fun workout!
  • If you want to train smart and find the best road map to your fitness, come and join us!
  • Every level of athlete will benefit and the program will accommodate current fitness levels and race goals.

Program Cost (includes training and all events): $199.00

Program Includes:

  • 10 Weeks of structured training which includes 2-3 group workouts per week (participants do not have to attend all workouts) – Our main group workout will be Sunday Mornings!
  • Semi-individual daily training plan so you’ll know how to train between group workouts (beginner, intermediate and advanced plans are provided) – Training plans include swim, bike and run options.
  • TWM Local Multisport Challenge Event is included in the price of the program!
  • Principle Based TWM (The Wellness Movement™) Nutrition Packet – we need to eat right to fuel our training!!
  • All Participants receive a TWM technical t-shirt
  • (Optional Purchase) rabbit brand training/racing Tank
  • Ongoing email support from Coaches to answer questions and offer advice along the way
  • The Intangibles – This is why we really do this!!!  It’s for the group camaraderie, drinking in the momentum that comes from an organized training experience, the development of friendships and training buddies that often last a lifetime, a sense of accomplishment, and all of the physical and mental benefits that come from this level of training!

Your Program Coaches and Event Coordinators

Cindy Abrami

Cindy Abrami

Program Coach - Running coach

Cindy Abrami, BS Nutrition, NASM-CPT/CES, AFAA, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, UESCA Certified Running and Multisport Coach

Cindy is a fitness and nutrition Professional, and elite level masters athlete with a passion to help her community find fullness of health and abundance of life through fitness and proper nutrition. She works directly with athletes of all ages and abilities who are looking to improve as runners and multisport athletes while remaining injury free.  She is the owner of The Wellness Movement Santa Barbara and The Wellness Movement USA.  Cindy is a competitive runner, duathlete and triathlete and holds national champion status as a masters runner and is the 2018 and 2019 ITU Sprint Duathlon World Champion (50-54).

Whitney Bruice

Whitney Bruice

Program Coach - Swimming coach

Whitney is originally from Berkeley, California, and grew up swimming competitively. At UC Santa Barbara, she played water polo for three years while earning a degree in Psychology and a Coaching Certification. She coached JV and recreational swim teams and competed in biathlons like Nite Moves for several years before getting into triathlons. She loves swimming, biking and running for fitness but also the healthy community that is built around it and the balance it brings to her life. Whitney went to graduate school in Clinical Psychology, working in behavioral health, and became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in 2004. Currently she works as a counselor at Student Health at UC Santa Barbara. She got involved coaching triathlon and running groups with Moms in Motion starting in 2006 and now coaches with The Wellness Movement. She is passionate about helping people reach goals by training them physically and providing motivation and support.

Sonia Ross

Sonia Ross

Program Coach - Cycling coach

Sonia is a UK born cyclist holding multiple US National and State titles in road racing, cyclocross and track.  She has four Race Across America wins, and is a licensed cycling coach and massage Instructor/therapist.  She loves cycling for exercise, mental health and the confidence, strength and the feeling of empowerment it brings. She is thrilled to be able to pass on her passion and experience of cycling to all those wanting to join her.

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