Cypress 10 Miler Training Program

10 Week Training Program

A WE CAN Warriors Training Program

It’s time to get together, set some goals and start some organized training and fitness building!

Are you ready for your very first race? Or ready to bump up your race distance?   Join us and let’s make it happen!

Come join us this Summer as we train for the Cypress 10 Miler, 5 Miler or 5K!  This race series has great distances for new runners as well as experienced runners looking for something longer or more challenging!  We welcome all levels of runner!

**Please note, due to these unpredictable and every-changing times, if the Cypress is cancelled we will set up our own small group version of the race and ensure all participants will get the chance to compete in the distance they trained for.

Training begins Sunday August 16, 2020

Event Day is Sunday, October 11, 2020

Who Will Benefit from this Program?

  • Runners of every fitness and experience level looking for community in training and hanging out with like-minded friends
  • If you have specific performance goals, you’ll benefit too!  No one pushes you like the person hanging on your shoulder!
  • Is this your first event?  Perfect, this is the program for you!  We’ll get you prepared to go the distance and make sure you have fun!
  • Hey!  Even if you really don’t want to do the event but want to train to get in shape, join us!  It’s all good.
  • Have you found it hard to motivate yourself to get out the door and start!  We’ll get you motivated!  You’ll be looking forward to every fun run!
  • If you want to train smart and find the best road map to your fitness, come and join us!
  • Every level of athlete will benefit and the program will accommodate current fitness levels and race goals.

Program Cost: $120.00

Program Includes:

  • 10 Weeks of structured training which includes 1-2 group workouts per week – Our main group workout will be Sunday Mornings and locations will vary!
  • Semi-individual daily training plan so you’ll know how to train between group workouts (beginner, intermediate and advanced plans are provided)
  • Coach Karen will be offering strength training exercises during the first few weeks!
  • Principle Based TWM (The Wellness Movement™) Nutrition Packet – we need to eat right to fuel our training!!
  • All Participants receive a high quality TWM training t-shirt
  • (Optional Purchase) rabbit brand training/racing Tank
  • Ongoing email support from Coach Karen to answer questions and offer advice along the way
  • Making a difference – We’ll be supporting the charity Soled Love (shoes for kids and those in need)
  • The Intangibles – This is why we really do this!!!  It’s for the group camaraderie, drinking in the momentum that comes from an organized training experience, the development of friendships and training buddies that often last a lifetime, a sense of accomplishment, and all of the physical and mental benefits that come from this level of training!

** Please note that our WE CAN Warriors Training program does not include race registration and all program participants will register for the race separately.  Race registration and our team discount code (if available) will be provided to you once you’ve registered for our program.


About the Race

Flattest Course in Texas

The Cypress 10 Miler will hit the streets with no hills and rival Katy 10 for the flattest course in the Texas 10 Series. 

Part of the Texas 10 Series

Texas 10 Series is a premier running race series hosted in seven Texas cities/towns offering a distance for everyone in the family.

Multiple Race Distance Options

Choose the more challenging distance of 10 miles or the half distance (5 Miles), or the Run the Pink 5K!

Your TWM WE CAN Warriors Coach

Karen Moser, UESCA Certified Running Coach, USAT Level 1 Coach

Karen Moser, UESCA Certified Running Coach, USAT Level 1 Coach

Program Coach

Karen is a UESCA certified running coach and a USAT level 1 coach.  As a coach, she is excited to share her love of running and triathlons with others and help them achieve their goals.  She is known for being encouraging and motivating and you’ll regularly see her cheering others on at races.

Karen has been active throughout her life.  She played soccer as a young girl into her adult life. She was also an avid swimmer and lifeguard. She has participated in various distance running races and when she lived in CA she enjoyed surfing and mountain biking.  After her move to Texas and having two girls she started doing triathlons and recently became a community coordinator for Healthy Kids Running Series.    Since starting triathlons 5 years ago, after a hiatus from her teenage years when she had done a few, she has done one full Ironman and numerous half Ironmans where she placed in the top 10%, and many others at various distances.  In 2018 she travelled to Fyn, Denmark to compete in the UTI World Championship for Aquabike.  Last summer she traveled to Ohio to compete in the USAT National AG Olympic distance championships. She was awarded 2020 Silver All World Athlete status from Ironman, which means she ranks in the top 5% for her AG.  Now she is thrilled be part of The Wellness Movement USA group and coach groups of athletes for different events in and around the Richmond/Katy/ Sugarland area of TX.

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